Gotta Keep Movin’

So many resources, so little time. This has been the common idea behind all of the online schooling I’ve done so far. It feels like I have to sign up and do all of these courses in web development or else I am missing out on something. What I’ve heard from people in the industry and do it full time is that you will never know everything. There are experts in every language, but even the expert doesn’t know everything right?

I want to recommend a website for learning JavaScript. It is called Watch and Code at The instructor there is Gordon Zhu, his style of teaching is so different from others which I have come across. I have completed the Practical JavaScript course and am planning to go through it once again. He is so passionate about teaching that he even holds “Office hours” where you can discuss challenges and ask him questions via Google Hangouts. I was on with him and a few others for a couple hours just talking about JavaScript, asking all kinds of questions. I plan to do this over and over, at least until this stuff really sinks in to me. You can check out a recording of the Hangout here.

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