Web Development

Below are a list of my latest projects in the world of Web Development.
Please check back often as I am frequently updating the list!

Front EndWordPressJavaScriptDynamicSQL
Front End Web Development

Basic front end websites built with HTML5 and CSS3. These were created using the Bootstrap Framework.

WordPress Development

These websites were built in WordPress. Using customized themes and plugins.

JavaScript Web Apps

Web applications were built using static pages in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also utilize the jQuery and Bootstrap Frameworks.

  • Color Game! – Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Comment Thread – Using HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • To-Do List – Using HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • Status Updater – Twitter Style Status Updater using HTML CSS and jQuery
  • KeySound – Using HTML, CSS  and JavaScript using the PaperJS & Howler libraries
  • jQuery Slider – An image slider using jQuery framework for functionality
Dynamic Web Apps

These web apps were built using front end and back end technologies such as NodeJS, Express, GIT, REST, Local Auth and Mongo DB.

  • jddc BlogApp – Developed in Cloud 9 environment using Express, NodeJS, Mongoose and Mongo DB
  • YelpCamp (BETA) – Developed in Cloud 9 environment using Express, NodeJS, EJS, Mongoose, Passport and Mongo DB
*Both of the above sites are hosted using Heroku deployments
PHP and MySQL Demos

I built a demo PHP form which writes to a MySQL database hosted on joedaoud.com

All of the above projects and more are hosted on my GitHub page!